kenya: prologue

I am conscious that if I am not careful I could end up sounding pompous, self righteous and preacher-like, and this is not my aim at all, and not a true character reflection. Through this log I am merely experimenting with travel writing, inspired to depths unknown by a country so beautiful it deserves the highest accolade.

Principally, I wanted to write this travel log for three reasons. I wanted to inspire people to realize that there is more to life than you think. That to immerse yourself in an alien culture can be a life-changing and life-enhancing experience. I wanted people to recognize that normal people can go to Africa. I don't ever pretend to have a 6-figure salary (or be anywhere near one), drive a fast car and wear designer clothes. In fact, we are barely three years into full time employment and supporting the bills to prove it. But with hard work, ambition and a lot of dedication, you can make anything yours. Finally, I wanted to ensure that as an old couple we can sit back and remember the holiday for what it was. That the precious memories that are uncontrollably seeping out of mind, only to be swiftly replaced by corporate pre-occupations and distractions from obstinate colleagues, become lifetime treasure, as true as the day they happened.